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Complete Herd Dispersal

15 Holstein, 6 jersey, 6 Swiss. RHA is 24,500, 186 scc. Swiss cows are scored including a 3rd generation EX!! Holsteins are Red and White or red carrier with some polled. High quality cattle you will like! Angie Hermsen, Fennimore. (608) 822-5417

Fancy Lineback cows!! 6 Red and White and 3 Black and White Lineback. Milking 70- 110 lbs. Several very fancy Red Line Backs!!

50 Bred beef cows. Running age cows. Black and Baldie, Reds and Char crosses. Bred Angus. Some good young cows in this set!

(5) Black cow calf pairs. Very nice calves on the side!!

Other Early Consignments

(125) Beef feeder cattle!! 75 strs, 50 hfrs. Double and triple vaccinated on most of them. Steers are mostly weighing 650- 900 with light flesh. Heifers are weighing 700- 900 coming off grass. Mixture of Angus, Charolais, and Hereford. Some of the absolute best cattle we get to sell!! You will love the condition on these!! David Oberholtzer, Colby.

(16) Holstein feeder steers. 350- 450 lbs. Fully vacc.

(10) Holstein feeder steers. 700 lbs. Green, Double vacc.

Polled Red and White bull, big enough for cows. Fancy!

Fleckvieh jumper bull. Perfect size for heifers.

Expecting many more consignments of feeder and dairy cattle by sale day.