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Hay sale at 10 A.M, cattle at 11:00. 

Complete Dispersal

(45) tie stall cows. 22 Holstein, 6 Red and White, 7 Jerseys, 1 Swiss, and 2 Swiss cross cows. Herd is averaging 64 lbs, 220 scc with good components! Cows are let out every day, fed home grown feed, certainly not pushed for production. Some nice young cows with lots of upside potential!!

Other Dairy Consignments

(9) ALL THAT Holstein tie stall cows. Milking 90- 120 lbs!! Ai breeding. Excellent quality!! Byron MN.

(8) Holstein tie stall cows. 1st and 2nd lactation milking 66 to 114 lbs. Outstanding udders!!

(9) Holstein tie stall cows. All fresh less than 45 days and milking heavy. Selling all the grade cows as they calve in. Nice set of cows! Gilman, WI

(4) Holstein tie stall cows. Some fresh and some bred back, including a fancy Red and White!. Larry Ringler, Stanley

Another Huge Run of Hay!! Sells at 10:00 A.M