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Complete Herd Dispersal #1

(115) Holstein parlor and free stall cows. 100 milking, 15 dry. RHA 29,130- 1145BF- 933PRO on 2x. Current bulk tank average 87 lbs with scc under 100!! Approximately half are registered. A good young herd with 90 first and second lactation! Fully vaccinated, regular herd health, parallel parlor, sand bedded free stalls. Many bred back cows bred to beef. Individuals milking well in the 120’s! Excellent quality cattle! Coming from Elvin Martin, Sparta.

Consigned Cows

(8) Registered free stall parlor cows. All fresh and milking 85- 130 lbs!!! Many years of aAa mating and using some of the best bulls in the industry. These are always the better kind! Reputation seller, Srnka Farms, Algoma

(5) Holstein tie stall cows. All fresh 30- 60 days milking 84- 120 lbs!! Sired by Malki, Dexter, Yance, Cool, and Mizzou. Another outstanding set from Michael Martin, Colby.

(2) Jersey cows. Tie stall adapted and milking well. Also 1 Nice Red and White cow!!

Bred Beef Cows

Complete Herd Dispersal #1

(31) Spring calving cows. Angus, Red Angus, Hereford and several cross bred cows. Very nice herd of young cows!! 1 with a calf at side already!

Breeding Bulls

Holstein 17 months old proven breeder. Kingston x EX90 Mystic. Very nice bull!!

Feeder Cattle

(10) Holstein steers. 350- 450 lbs. Vaccinated and on full feed.