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Complete Dairy Herd Dispersal

Sellers; Dan and Dawn VonHaden (715) 579-4009

(105) Top-Shelf Holsteins!! 85 cows, 5 springing heifers, 15 baby calves that will sell right behind their mothers!! An outstanding set!! Cows are milked and housed in tie stalls, and let out every day. Current bulk tank average is 80 lbs, with scc always under 100, currently 50- 60!!  Ai bred for many years. Currently with Central Star.  Always used some of the top bulls available. We have sold many cattle from this herd over the last 5 years due to being overstocked and have always gotten good feedback from the buyers!! Some of the best udders you’ll have an opportunity to buy! ABSOLUTELY BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM THIS HERD!!

Early Consignments Feeder Cattle

(70) Angus and Charolais steers and heifers. 600- 700 lbs. Cattle have been long time weaned, steers are knife cut, all double vaccinated running out and fed dry hay and corn silage. You’re going to like this set a lot!! Coming from Weller Farms, Plover

(30) Holstein, and Angus Holstein cross, steers and heifers. Double vaccinated, wormed, fed dry hay and a little ground corn. 550- 850 lbs. Perfect flesh condition

(87) Blk and BWF steers and heifers. 700- 850 lbs. 2x vaccinated and wormed. On a forage ration, housed on a dirt lot. An outstanding set of backgrounded cattle!! Approximately 25 heifers, the balance steers. Coming from David Oberholtzer, Colby.

(15) Blk and BWF steers. 600 lbs. 2x vaccinated and wormed. Fancy and green! Carl Oberholtzer, Colby

(30) Angus steers and heifers. Fully vaccinated and dewormed. Home raised, and nice stock!! Plover, WI

(6) Fleckvieh x Holstein steers. Double vaccinated, 600 lbs.

(15) Angus/ Limo steers & heifers. 2 x vaccinated. 700- 800 lbs. Stutzman, Loyal

(14) Angus Steers and heifers. Fancy little green cattle!!

(23) Holstein steers. 450- 750 lbs. Vaccinated and green. Thorp.

(1) Fancy Fleckvieh bull. Proven Breeder!! Big enough for cows and very gentle!! Out of Marv Johnson breeding!!