This auction will be conducted on the farm at Woodville WI.

Physical address: 667 230th St  Woodville WI 54028

Owner: Calvin Miller   Calvin and his family are moving out of state and will be selling the following items at auction. Lots of stuff is stored in sheds so we likely will have more items that are not individually listed on the ad.

Beef Cows: (20) Angus cows 4- 10 years old. Bred to a very good Angus bull that was turned out early July. Cows will be preg checked prior to the auction.

Feeder Cattle: (20) Yearling Angus feeders. Cattle have access to building and outside lot. Very nice cattle with light flesh. (3) Six month old Angus feeders.

Horses: Dolly, 10 year old Belgian mare. Patty, 13 year old Belgian- Percheron mare. Jill, 5 year old Belgian mare. (3) 2 year old Belgian geldings. (3) Yearling Belgian stud colts. (1) 20 month old Belgian- Percheron mare. (1) Yearling Standardbred filly. (1) Outstanding 5 year old Belgian stud.

Machinery: 7 ft Powerline hay tedder, Powerline fore cart, (2) Hay and grain wagons- one with Powerline gear, M363 Red Seal Continental power unit. Rosenthal corn shredder, 40ft Kewanee elevator w/ drag, E-Z Trail fertilizer spreader with cone-(like new). 12 in McCormick silage cutter. 8ft McCormick lime drill. McCormick 28in drum corn sheller. New Idea corn sheller w/ PTO drive. Allis Chalmers baler. No.9 6ft McCormick mower. No.3 5ft Minnesota mower. 12ft MM grain drill. JD hay rake. 8ft JD quack digger. 7ft JD disc. 6ft JD disc. 32ft bale conveyor. IH roller bar hay rake. Road grader. Road drag. 5ft roller scraper. 12in roller mill. Potato digger, Potato planter. Manure dump sled. Gravity box. 16in 2 bottom Oliver plow on rubber. 4 row weeder. 3 section harrow. Spring tooth harrow. JD bale kicker. 24T JD baler for parts. Wheel rake. IH rake for parts. McCormick binder for parts. New Idea hay loader and parts.

Farm & Shop: Corral panels, Head chute, S.S Hog feeders, Gates, Guard rails, Railroad ties, Posts, Buckets, Barrels, Feed bunks. Fuel barrel on legs, Dog kennel, Bale chopper, Bob sled, 2015 model open buggy, S.S bulk tank, 12.5 x 15ft corn crib with roof, 13 x 16ft corn crib no roof. Wood furnace with 40″ x 102″ S.S pan. Pallet jacks, Lumber carts, ladders, lawn mowers, Eveners.

Building Supplies: 26ft trusses, lots of rough cut lumber, Lots of new concrete blocks. Variety of tin, Several new storage buildings. Large landscaping rocks.

Shop tools & Misc: Come-a-long, Chain hoists, Chains, Ropes, Leather sewing machine, Spud bar, U-bars, Lots of shovels, rakes, forks, etc. Bench vise. Old doors and windows, Hand tools including hammers, saws, wrenches, concrete trowels.

Older and Collectibles: Milk can cart, Cream separator, Runner sleds, Large cast iron kettle, Big grinding wheels, Deer antler signs. Wooden wheels, Green jars, Wire egg basket, Cross cut saws, Ice saw, Ice tongues, Old chain come along, Bob sled runners, Old calf puller, Bull lead, Old barn siding, Yard crafts, Wishing well, Old scythe, Strawberry carriers, Flower grinder.

Household: Champak cook stove- Ex cond.!! S.S water kettle, Maytag washer, Poplar wood doors.

Feed: We will sell what ever left over feed is remaining including Hay, Straw, Dry Corn, Oats, Spelt, Corn Silage.

Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer #2882-052. Auction clerking provided by Oberholtzer Dairy Cattle and Auctions.