Complete Dispersal Registered Holsteins

(50) Holstein cows. (8) Holstein heifer calves. Herd is fully registered and backed by many generations of using some of the top bulls in Ai including but not limited to, King Doc, Crush, Yoder, Mogul, etc. Cows are milked and housed in sand bedded tie stalls and fed mostly home grown forage with very minimal protein top dressed. Bulk tank average is 85 lbs milk, 4.4 F, 3.2P, and 122 scc. Overall a young herd that is well timed for the auction with more than a dozen cows being fresh less than 45 days, and a good number of cows milking over 100 lbs.!!! Very good foot, leg, and udder health throughout the herd!! Coming from Brian Huber, Melrose WI.

Complete Dispersal #2

(60) Tie stall and stanchion cows, consisting of 56 Holsteins, 3 Jersey cross, 1 BWF. Herd is let out every day and fed homegrown feed. Current bulk tank average is 50 lbs. Ai breeding with Select and ABS for many years. Cows have never been pushed. There are some very nice young cows in the herd and overall good feet, legs, and udders. There will be some cows for every budget. Coming from Lake-View Farms, Ogdensburg WI.

Consignments Dairy Cows

(8) Fancy fresh Jersey cows!! (10) Fancy fresh Holstein cows!! A2/A2 breeding for last 10 years.!! Outstanding set of cows from a reputation seller!! Marlin Martin, Oconto WI 

Registered Bull; 22 month Crackholm Fever out of a very good cow with records up to 40,000 lbs milk!! Very nice bull, Proven breeder!!