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Due to ascension day on Thursday we will be selling on Friday the 14th!!

Early Consignments aAa mated cows

This will be our biannual sale featuring top end handpicked cows out of herds using aAa mating in their herds. Most of these cows will be fresh 2,3,and 4 year olds milking 80- 120 pounds!! Ai sired and bred by ABS, Select Sires, Genex, Alta, Triple Hil Sires, etc. We strive to have some of the best cows of the year offered on this sale. If you like cows that work hard and look good doing it for a long time make sure you attend this auction!!

Weaver; 4 Holstein cows, 2 Extra fancy Brown Swiss cows! Certified Non-GMO

Weaver; 2 Holstein cows fresh less than 60 days milking 80-90 lbs.

Weaver; 3 Holstein cows all stages of lactation. Including a 3 year old Sequoia fresh and over 100 with a high fat!! Certified Non-GMO

Weaver; 14 month old Holstein bull. Diesel x Shutout dam with records up to 32k lbs. Proven Breeder!!

Zimmerman; Red and white Holstein bull. All Things Red x Realtime Red. Polled!! Red!! Fancy!! Proven Breeder!!

Reiff; 2 Holstein cows. Recent fresh and milking well!!

Lapp; 2 Holstein cows. Recent fresh and really fancy!!

Other early consignments

12 Holstein cows from overstocked herd. (7), 2 year old, (4), 3 year old, (1), 4 year old, averaging 87 lbs. Fresh 15 to 105 days all scc under 50. some very top shelf cows including one fancy McCutchen, and one Atwood!!

6 Holstein cows all stages of lactation milking 65-95 lbs. Coming from overstocked herd.

3 Jersey milk cows

10 Holstein springing heifers and one Holstein bull. Heifers are Ai sired and bull bred. Including one fancy red heifer!

4 Holstein springing heifers. Ai bred.

Early Consignments Feeder Cattle

12 Holstein steers 400 lbs. Double vaccinated!!

8 Holstein steers 550- 600 lbs. Vaccinated, on full feed.

3 Hereford yearling steers

Special Items

4 sets of IBA inflations and shells. Excellent condition, used very little!

20 bags Roundup Ready seed corn. 17 bags Legend, 3 bags Terning. 85 day corn.

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