Complete Dispersal

55 Holstein cows 10 Excellent quality Holstein springing heifers. Current bulk tank average is 90 lbs milk, 4.3F, 3.1P 72scc!! Many years of Ai breeding with top bulls used from ABS, including Monterey, Topsy, Balisto, Gillespy, History. Cows are milked and housed in tie stalls and let out every day. This herd has a lot of young cows and a tremendous set of feet, legs, and udders!! If you like good cows be sure to join us on the 15th!!

Other Early Consignments

8 Holstein cows. Fresh 2 and 3 year olds milking 70- 100 lbs. Free stall and parlor adapted. Reputation seller!!

7 Young fresh Holstein cows. Free stall and parlor adapted.

2 Fancy Holstein springing heifers. Many years of Ai breeding and dam production records available. Out of a 29,000 lb herd. Coming from Allard Meverden.

16 Holstein heifers due April, May and June. Ai bred and sired. Nice cattle!!

Fancy red and white bull and good lineback bull.