!!Haz-Broy Farms Complete Dispersal 265 Head!!

180 Holstein cows and 85 Procross cows, RHA 26,241,  1036F, 855P!!  Hazel herd CATALOG 3-26

Holstein cows RHA 27,557  1072F,  883P.  Procross cows RHA 24,402  986F,  815P.

Cows are housed in free stalls, milked in a parallel parlor. Fed a high forage TMR ration. Many years of Ai breeding resulting in a tremendous set of feet, legs, and udders!! Majority of the herd can be registered. One of the better herds of Procross cows to be offered on auction! Several fancy purebred Montebeliardes!! Cattle are fully vaccinated and on regular herd health program. Holstein cows sired by Super, Levi, Planet, Twist, Yano, Bookem,Silver, Josuper, Lynch, Doberman,etc. Procross cows Sired by Valfin, Papayou, Robin, Erdman, Alfalfa,etc. Lots of young cows in this herd with right at 100, 2 year olds!!

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