Complete Dispersal

90 cows, 20 heifers, including 1 Brown Swiss, 1 Guernsey, 1 Jersey, 20 Jersey crosses, balance being black and white and red and white Holsteins. Cows are housed in freestalls and milked in a parallel parlor. Current bulk tank average at 65 lbs, 250 scc, 4.4F, 3.2P. Mostly Ai sired and bred, heifers are all bull bred and raised on bedded pack. Lots of younger cows with huge upside potential. Cows are fed mostly homegrown feed and not pushed for production! Coming from Granton WI.

Other Early Consignments

28 Hol cows. Free stall, parlor and tie stall adapted cows. The majority of this group is bred back for summer calving with several Extra fancy dry cows!

20 Registered Holstein cows. Housed in free stalls, milked in a parallel parlor. Mostly young cows with individuals milking up to 125 lbs.

3 Fancy Holstein tiestall cows. All recently fresh and milking 88 to 121 lbs. Including a very nice Red and White cow!!

6 Fancy Registered Jersey cows!! All fresh 30-60 days milking 75-95lbs! Milked in tiestalls let outside every day. Great opportunity to buy top end Jerseys!

2 Registered Red & White Polled open heifers!! 

Breeding Bulls

Red and white Lineback bull. Proven breeder!!

Feeder Cattle

15 Holstein steers. 350 lbs, double vacc, on feed, running outside, reputation set of fancy cattle!

6 Holstein steers 450 lbs. Lightfleshed, outside cattle.

7 Holstein steers 600- 700 lbs. Green.

12 Holstein steers 400 lbs. Double vaccinated!

Expecting our usual run of dairy and Feeder cattle with many cattle being consigned right up till sale time! Come buy with confidence!!