Early Consignments Dairy Cows

5 Registered Holstein 2 year olds! Fresh 60 to 90 days and milking 70 to 90 lbs. Ai breeding for many years and just overstocked. Milked in tiestalls.

1 Registered Jersey cow! Vanity Texas Reba VG83 Reg. #173879263. Out of a VG87 dam x VG89 Gr Dam x EX94 Woodmohr IndianaRosebud. Due in April to Chinook sexed! 53 lbs 4.7F 3.8P.

3 Holstein dry cows

6 Holstein cows from overstocked herd

Expecting our usual run of consigned cows. Always a good selection of dairy cattle!!

Dairy Heifers

9 Holstein open heifers. 850 pounds.

2 Holstein springing heifers

Feeder Cattle

15 Holstein steers,475 lbs. knife cut, double vaccinated, on full feed and running out on dirt lot. Reputation set of fancy cattle!! Also 8 Angus cross steers and heifers handled the same way.

12 Holstein steers, 350 lbs. Knife cut, vacc, nice cattle!

10 Holstein steers 1000- 1200 lbs. Light flesh.

9 Black steers 650 lbs

7 Holstein steers 750 lbs, green


Breeding Bulls

Fancy Angus bull. Proven Breeder!

Fancy Ai sired bull. Tested A2/A2. Proven breeder!