Dairy Cows

4 Fancy Holstein cows. 2 and 3 years old, all fresh 30- 45 days milking 85 to 125 lbs!!

6 Holstein tie stall cows. Overstocked herd. Mostly fresh 3 and 4 years old.

Dairy Heifers

Bonduel 17 Holstein open heifers 450- 750 lbs.

15 Holstein and Holstein cross heifers. Various sizes 6- 12 months old.

Byers 30 Nice Holstein heifers. Shortbred to springing all bred to a fancy Holstein bull. Fully vaccinated outside heifers.

Fancy blue Lineback springing heifer. Close and fancy!

Swartzentruber 3 Fancy Holstein heifers 450 lbs double vaccinated.

Breeding Bulls

15 month old King Royal son out of a VG85 Gold Chip x VG85 Doorman. Proven breeder!! This bull is not coming due to injury.

21 month old Avenger son out of a very fancy dam with a lot of production and a lot of longevity in the family. More info on sale day. Bull is tested A2/A2 and aAa coded 324!