Due to Thanksgiving Day we will have a Wednesday dairy and market cattle sale. Expecting our usual run of market cattle and calves. So far a light run of dairy cattle consigned. We will also be selling hay and straw at 10 A.M.

Early consignments

Nolan and Ruth Metzger are sending another powerful set of cows!! These are reputation cattle and as good as they come!! Milked and housed in sand bedded tie stalls.

3 year old Deering 61 DIM 120 lbs. 3.8F 2.3P 33scc

3 year old Crank-It  50 DIM 102 lbs.  4.0F 3.0P  187scc

3 year old registered Nighttime 57 DIM 105 lbs.  14scc  4.9F  2.8P

2 year old Nighttime 77 DIM  130 lbs.  13scc. Serviced to Rocko on 11-6

2 year old House 61 DIM 96 lbs.

2 year old Detour 35 DIM. Will have test by sale day.

3 Very fancy fresh Holstein cows. 2 and 3 years old, all fresh 30 days or less. Milking 65 to 95 lbs. Ai sired.