300 Head Dispersal!! 10:00 Start time!!

Schindler Dairy Inc. Ewing NE

Selling will be all the milking and dry cows and heifers due within 45 days. Cows are milked in a parallel parlor, housed in sand bedded free stalls, and also have access to an outside dry lot. The herd is averaging 80 lbs on 2x milking with 3.8BF 3.1 Pro. 150scc. All cows are bred to registered Hereford bulls and heifers are Ai bred with sexed semen using some of the top bulls available!! Cows are on DHIA testing with individuals milking up to 140 lbs. This will no doubt be a set of cows that a good dairy man can appreciate. Tremendous udders in this herd and the cows are very calm and easy to work with. Whether you need 1 good cow or 100 good cows this would be your opportunity!! There will be approximately 70 dry cows and springing heifers in this dispersal.

Cows will start selling at 10:00 sharp!!