Hand Picked Consignments From aAa Mated Herds

These cows are coming from herds that are overstocked and therefore allow us to come in and pick top cows out of their herds. The cows will be Ai sired by many different bulls in the industry but use aAa mating as a tool for making well balanced, profitable cows. There will be cows from both tie stall and free stall operations as well as some springing heifers. Expecting 60 to 70 head of top end cows and heifers. If you appreciate the better kind you’ll like these!!

Weaver 4 Holstein cows. 3 and 4 year old tie stall and free stall adapted. Certified GMO free!

Knorn 6 Holstein cows, 4 Holstein heifers. Free stall, parlor setup. These girls know how to work!!

 Srnka 8 Registered Holstein cows, 2 and 3 year olds. Free stall and parlor cows, and super gentle!

Weaver 3 Holstein cows. Tie stall and free stall adapted! Young, hardworking cows!!

Weaver 3 Holstein cows. Tie stall cows. Head lock adapted. Certified GMO free!!

 Martin 5 Holstein cows. Tie stall and free stall adapted. Outside every day. Excellent herd of cows!!

Weaver Polled Red and White Holstein bull! 13 months old, proven breeder, very nice gentle bull!! Sired by Rex PP red. Sire is A2/A2!!

Hartwig 5 Holstein cows. Milking 79 to 123 lbs. Grazing herd of cows averaging 80 lbs. a day on last test on 200+ cows. Supplemented minimal TMR at milking time. Free stall, parlor cows as good as they come!!

 Yoder 3 Holstein cows. Certified Organic!! Young cows that are milked in tie stalls and out grazing daily.

Zeiset Fancy Holstein bull. Born April of 2019. Proven breeder sired by Pep Red out of a dam with records of over 30,000 lbs milk!! aAa number on the bull is 465.

Martin 4 Holstein cows. Fresh 2 and 3 year old cows. Super fancy cows!!

Wenger 1 Red and White Holstein cow. 2 year old Pep; Fresh 9-1-20  84 lbs.  4.1 bf,    3.2pro   23scc.  Tall and stylish!!

Zimmerman 3 Holstein cows. 2 and 3 year old cows milking 75 to 90 lbs and the right kind!

Weaver 6 Holstein cows, 3 springing heifers, 5 shortbred heifers, 2 open heifers. Milked in a parlor and housed in tiestalls and bedding pack.

Below is a sample of the extreme high quality that will be offered on this sale!!!


Complete Herd Dispersal

Complete dispersal of cows and several close springing heifers. Herd consists of 36 Holstein, 5 Red and White Holstein, 4 Brown Swiss, 1 Jersey. There are several registered cows in the herd that will have papers available. Cows are averaging 62 lbs a day with a 4.0BF, 3.2Pro, 150 scc. Cows are milked in tie stalls and out on pasture every day and fed homegrown forage with very minimal added grain. Cows will have individual tests on sale day. Ai sired and bred for many years and a lot of really fancy udders and good feet and legs throughout the entire herd.

Other Early Consignments

Holstein Bull. Loveman x Massey. Proven breeder. Dam made 57,000 lbs milk, 2000 lbs fat, 1800 lbs protein in her first two lactation!!


Hay sale starts at 10 and cows at 11:00. We hope to see you at the auction!!