Take Notice of All Our Updated Listings!! We Will Have Something For Every Budget!! Cows Start At 11 Sharp!!

Complete Herd Dispersal #1

Dennis and Dawn Lentz, Baraboo WI

50 Holstein cows. All Ai breeding used for 60 years. Cows are milk in a stanchion barn and out on pasture everyday and bunk fed on cow yard. No TMR just fed homegrown forage with very little added grain. Cows are averaging 52 lbs milk, 4.3 BF, 3.3P, 67 scc!! Very well cared for herd of cows with huge upside potential especially on the fancy young cows, and there’s a bunch of those.

Complete Dispersal #2

36 Holstein cows, 5 Red & White cows, 5 Jersey cows, 8 Cross bred cows, 1 Fancy Brown Swiss cow, 1 Blue Roan heifer due in Dec. These cows are milked in tie stalls and stanchions, housed in sand bedded free stalls, fed on a concrete cow yard, and spend a lot of time out on pasture. Here’s a herd of cows that can fit in any setup. Current bulk tank average is 55 lbs milk with a 4.1 BF, 3.3 Pro, and 200 scc. Cows are primarily Ai bred and a good registered bull used for cleanup. Cows will sell with individual tests. Most of the cows are registered and several deep pedigreed cows going back to the Indianhead herd. Coming from Jeff Hermansen, Cushing WI.

Complete Herd Dispersal #3

23 Holstein cows. Milked in tiestalls. Bull breeding. Let outside daily.

Short Notice 120 Holsteins!!!

Complete dispersal of 100 Holstein cows and 20 Holstein springing heifers! Housed in free stalls, milked in a parlor. Lots of years of Ai breeding! Tank average is 70 lbs. milk, 200scc. Lots of fancy young cows in this herd. Due to an accident involving farm labor we are selling these cows on short notice!! Coming from Denison IA.

2 Registered Yearling Holstein Bulls

Bull #1 Sired by Perk, who is 2840 TPI and 2.05 on type, and A2/A2. Dam is a Maurice that made over 30,000 lbs of milk and 1414 lbs of fat!!

Bull #2 Sired by Sandy Valley Embellish, 2756 GTPI, A2/A2, 2.11 PTAT and a 6.7 Productive Life!! Dam is a Damien with 24,675 lbs milk and 1061 lbs of fat in 335 days as a 2 year old!!

Complete Dispersal of Belted Galloways: 25 Belted Galloway cows, 20 Belted Galloway calves, 1 Belted Galloway Bull. Cows are all exposed and will be pregnancy checked. Approximately half will sell with calf at side. Half of the calves have already been weaned. Very nice set of cows! Excellent opportunity to add some color in your herd!!

Other Early Consignments

20 Holstein cows and heifers. Complete dispersal all exposed to Black Hereford bull. Coming off grass.

8 Mixed breed beef cows. Exposed to Red Limousine bull who also sells.

3 Year old registered angus bull. Fancy!

Yearling BWF bull.

Early Feeder Consignments

11 Angus strs/hfrs 350-400 lbs vacc unweaned

16 Angus & Bwf strs/hfrs

2 Angus cow/calf pairs. Calves weigh approx 250 lbs.

9 Hol strs dbl vacc 350 lbs

15 Hol strs 325 lbs Vacc and Green!

2 Jersey strs 550 lbs

9 Hol strs 550 to 700 lbs. Knife cut, vacc, light flesh

10 Angus steers & heifers. Knife cut and vaccinated. 300 lbs.

35 Hol and Hol cross strs 650 to 1000 lbs. On corn silage.

Special Items: Boumatic vacuum pump good condition, bucket mount bale spear, WIC 45 gas powered feed cart, weak Hydro. Agway/Willard Bates breeding wheel & heifer wheel with pins. Excellent condition!!

Apollo 18 Semen tank. Also selling the following list of semen. 10 Axford. 10 Lynch. 9 Carson. 10 Clique-Red. 10 Let’s Go. 7 Kingston. 7 Stormproof. 10 Malicious. 10 Rollag. 7 Atlanta- RC. 4 Dexter. 9 All Things Red. 7 Pretty. 4 Porsche. 4 Jo Dandy. 10 Enlight. 9 Norwin. 1 Seasaw. 2 Skare. 9 Top Grade. 5 Rex- Red PP. 1 Whiteout. 10 Fame. 6 Jonah. 10 Jesh. 5 Redguard. 10 Angus. Mostly semen from Triple Hil Sires and IPS.

Hay sells at 10:00 cattle sale starts at 11. We appreciate your business and hope to see you at the auction!!