32 Holstein Cows Complete Dispersal

Melvin and Pat Pittman

28 Milk cows, 4 Dry cows. Cows are housed in free stalls and milked in a herringbone parlor. As fresh cows they are housed and milked in tie stalls for the first week so these cows should work well in any setup. Most of the herd has calved in July and August with some also due for winter calving. Herd is averaging 71 pounds a day with a 3.8 BF  3.1 Pro and 75 scc!! Closed herd for over 30 years with all Ai breeding used. Very nice udders throughout the herd! One extreme fancy Red and White Holstein cow due Dec 9th, bred Red and White!! The Pittman family has done a nice job with their cows for a lot of years and are now transitioning to beef cows and we are very happy they have chosen us to market their dairy herd!!

Herd Dispersal #2

Delmar Hershberger, Kalona IA 

26 Holstein cows 1 Registered Holstein bull. Tiestall herd that is out to graze every day. All stages of lactation. Averaging 58 lbs milk. Several fancy, recent fresh cows that are milking very well! All bull breeding with top registered bulls. Just fed homegrown feed and no TMR. Bull is a fancy 22 month old Ammo-P out of a Headliner!! Proven breeder and big enough for cows!!

12 Registered Holstein heifers

These 12 heifers are coming from a great herd of cows! All but 2 are 100% registered and those 2 are 99%. The cows have been sold previously and were milked 2x with 28,329M, 3.8% 1099F, 3.1% 854Pro. scc was 62,000. BAA was 110.5. #624 Fame x VG 87 Laser w/ records over 40k lbs. Due 11-2-20 to sexed Dragonheart. #637 Anchor x VG85 Dam w/ 27,210 as a 2 year old. Due 1-4-21 to Solomon Joey. #641 Broaw x VG85 Dam x VG86 2nd dam w/ records to 31k milk. Due 12-8-20 to Solomon Joey. #642 Snowmobil x VG86 dam x VG88 2nd dam, both have records over 33,000! Due 11-6-20 to sexed Crush! #643 Atwood Clyde x VG85 dam x EX 90 2nd dam with 221k milk Lifetime! Due 12-9-20 to sexed Dragonheart. #646  Atwood Clyde Due 2-3-21 to Dragonheart VG87 2nd dam with records over 40,000! #647 Due in April to Angus. Unix x VG85 dam x EX 90 2nd dam with records over 32,000!  #648 Atwood Clyde Due 1-25-21 to Solomon Joey. Out of a EX91 Laurin with 214,000 LT!!  #651 Crush due in April to Angus out of a EX 90 dam with records to 43,000.  #652 Bayonet due March to Angus out of a VG86 dam x EX91 2nd dam with over 200,000 LT!!  #654 Atwood Clyde due March to Angus. 2nd dam EX 91 with 214,000 LT.  #655 Backflit due April to Angus. VG 85 dam x VG86 2nd dam with records to 29,860!

Other Early Consignments

6 Holstein springing heifers all due from now till December Ai sired and fancy!

20 Holstein heifers due Oct 25th to Dec 15th. All bred Red Angus!