Complete Herd Dispersal

69 Holstein cows. Registered and grade cows with over 40 years of Ai breeding! Selling will be 64 milking cows and 5 dry cows. Cows are housed and milked in tie stalls and out on pasture as dry cows. This herd was all registered in the past but nothing in the last 4 years. Bulk tank receipts are showing 70 lbs milk, 4.2 Butterfat, 3.3 Protein and scc has avg under 90 for the last 3 years, currently averaging 70 scc!! We will have individual tests on sale day. Everything the last 4 years was bred with A2A2 bulls and aAa mated!! Fed good quality homegrown feed in a TMR ration. Owners have sold the farm and are moving out of state and discontinuing milking cows. Good young cows throughout the herd that should go to work for you! Coming from Robert and Audrey See, Athens WI.

40 Head Colored Dispersal

If you like colored breeding, something out of the ordinary this might be for you! 5 Jersey cows all stages of lactation. 6 Jersey heifers 400-700 lbs. 4 Lowline Angus cows, exposed to Lowline bulls. 4 Milking Shorthorn cows. 2 Shorthorn heifers. 2 Lowline Angus cow-calf pairs. 1 Belted cow. 1 Belted heifer. 1 Angus cross heifer. 1 British White Park heifer. 2 Angus heifers 700 lbs. 1 Wagyu cross heifer. Fancy Brown Swiss bull 800 lbs. 1 Jersey bull. 1 Wagyu/ Hereford cross bull 600 lbs. 1 Lowline Angus bull. 1 Belted Blue lowline bull.

Bred Beef Cows

4 Angus springing heifers. Bred Angus, due for Oct calving.

Early Feeder Consignments

40 Hol strs 475 lbs Dbl vacc, knife cut, on full feed, running on 5 acre lot. Fancy set!!

7 Angus cross strs dbl vacc on full feed 525 lbs

3 Red Angus strs, one round of shots 600 lbs

6 Hol strs one round of shots, 850 lbs, coming off grass

18 Hol strs one round of shots, 450-600 lbs off grass

14 Hol and crossbred hfrs 500-700 lbs Green.

8 Hol strs dbl vacc 450 lbs

4 Hol Strs, 2 Swiss cross strs, 1 Limousine cross hfr Dbl vacc, wormed, knife cut

9 Angus cross hfrs, 1 Angus cross str 800 lbs off grass

4 Ang/ Lim strs dbl vacc weaned 600 lbs

3 Ang/Lim hfrs dbl vacc weaned 525 lbs

11 Hol strs, 2 beef cross strs, 450 lbs dbl vacc.

3 Angus hfrs 550 lbs weaned one round shots

2 Angus hfrs 375 lbs long time weaned.

11 Hol strs 775 lbs dbl vacc on corn silage ration

Expecting 500 – 600 Feeders