I don’t know if it’s possible to have nicer weather than we’ve had most of this year as far as crop production goes. Blessings on your harvest season.

Once again we saw how much difference quality makes in prices and we sure had a lot of quality cattle today!! Better dairy cows 1500 to $1950. Extreme top $2600 consigned by Jared Stillman, Vesper,WI. Mid-grade or later lactation cows 1100 to $1450.

Main run of good springing heifers 1200 to $1350. Several 3 months bred, Registered heifers from the Stillman herd sold from 1600 to $1900!! Open holstein heifers mostly .85 to 1.10 per lb. Holstein heifer calves 25 -$65 per hd.

Had several highlight registered calves. Registered 280 lb milking Shorthorn calf sold for $675 and registered 455lb Swiss heifer brought $1475!!

Had 8 breeding bulls selling from 800 to $1200 per head. The better bulls brought from .95 to $1.40 per lb. Market bulls up to 83.50 per lb.

Choice Holstein steers and heifers a little lower today. Mostly 88 to 93 cents. Holstein feeder steers 99 to1.1750. Crossbred feeders 1.11 to 1.17. Black steers 840 pounds 1.13 and 705lb 1.17. Sold 75 calves today, good Holstein bull calves 80 to $115 per head. Angus cross bull and heifer calves 160 to $230 per head.

Market cows a little lower going into the holiday weekend. Top 305 sold 58 to 67.50.

Hay market steady. First crop squares and rounds grass 27.50 to $35. Second crop grass50 to 67.50. 3x4x7 oat straw $50. Small squares second crop grass $4. All hay is sold by the bale.

Thanks again all buyers and sellers we really appreciate your support!!