Thursday, August 13th, 2020 | Hay 10:00 AM Cattle 11:00 AM

11 Jersey tiestall cows, all 2 yr olds fresh in May & June milking 45-75 lbs and mostly bred back already. Very nice young cows! 12  FANCY handpicked Jersey cows from an overstocked herd. All AI breeding, on official DHIA, vaccinated, parlor/freestall and milking 60 to 90 lbs!! 6 Springing Jersey cows including several fancy young cows! All due for fall calving.

3 Handpicked Reg Jerseys, 2 and 3 year olds from a reputation herd. One just fresh hfr with several EX dams in her pedigree. These will suit the fussiest of dairymen!!!

30 Holstein cows, 6 Holstein springing heifers, 1Holstein bull. Tiestall cows that are let outside to graze every day. Also fed supplemental forage. Many young cows with nice udders. Not pushed for production.

Early consignments:  7 Holstein tiestall cows, AI breeding, all milking 74-103 lbs! From overstocked herd. 3 fresh Holstein cows, all first lactation, fresh less than 60 days and milking well! 3 Organic Holstein cows. Bred back & milking. 

Special Items:  4 AIC takeoffs with milker claws. Good condition.


4 Angus X steers, 500 lbs, fully vaccinated, outside cattle.
12 Holstein steers, 650 lbs, double vaccinated and green.
7 Holstein steers, 900-1100 lbs. Medium flesh.
10 Holstein steers, 350-500 lbs. Medium flesh, double vaccinated. Super nice steers!
4 Angus X steers, 450 lbs, vaccinated
2 Holstein steers, 450 ls, vaccinated
2 Shorthorn X steers, 450 lbs, fully vaccinated and on corn.
1 Angus Wagyu cross steer, 500 lbs


Dairy & Hay sale EVERY Thursday starting with hay @ 10:00 followed by the DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS. Feeder cattle, cull cows, cull bulls & fat cattle immediately after dairy sale. We will have special feed cattle sales as announced.

Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446
From Spencer, WI take Hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberhotlzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co.
Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI License #2882-052
John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 | Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240
John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 | Office 715-255-9600