Thursday, December 12th, 2019 | 10:30 AM

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL:  45 Registered & High Grade Holstein cows & 3 springing heifers. Over 40 years AI breeding with top sires being used from Select Sires & Accelerated Genetics including Trump, Emerald, Brazzer, and Pride. 70 lb., 4.0F, 3.1P, 130 SCC. 17 cows milking 80 to 110 lbs!!  Cows are let out every day. No TMR being fed and cows are on a high forage diet. A very youthful herd of cows with many 2 & 3 yr olds. Several very fancy individuals in this herd!!

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL #2:  28 Registered Holstein cows. Large frame, high production cows. 86 lb. tank average with a 3.9F!! Several cows milking over 120 lbs a day! Many top sires used including Atwood, Guthrie, Braxton, Mayville, Delta, and Defender. Closed herd for 40 years. Cows are let outside regularly. Special Note Cow: Blix, She is a 4 yr old Braxton daughter fresh on 9-12 milking 138 lb. 15 SCC projected at 30,000 lb only 50 days fresh!! She is the first cow pictured above. If you want PEDIGREE, PRODUCTION, TYPE, and LONGEVITY, come buy this cow!!


20 Holstein steers, 450-900 lbs, green.
11 Angus steers, 600 lb, fully vaccinated.
5 Holstein steers, 350 lbs, on corn, light flesh, fully vaccinated.


Dairy & Hay sale EVERY Thursday starting with hay @ 10:30 followed by calves the DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS. Feeder cattle, cull cows, cull bulls & fat cattle immediately after dairy sale. We will have special feed cattle sales as announced.


Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446
From Spencer, WI take Hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberhotlzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co.
Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI License #2882-052
John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 | Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240
John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 | Office 715-255-9600