Well over 300 head of cattle and a standing-room-only crowd of people! Nelson and Esther Weaver catered the lunch featuring chicken BBQ, French fries, cheese curds and milk. If you ever need an event catered they do an excellent job at a reasonable price. Not sure how many people were here but we had food prepared for 300 and it was all by 1:00. I did see a few people that looked like they might have had seconds though, at least sometime! Excellent quality dairy cattle today on a stronger Market. Set a new all-time high price on cows at Oberholtzer Auctions! Top dairy cows 2300, 2050, 1900, 1850, 1800, 1750, 1700, 1700, 1650, 1600, 1600, 1525, 1500, 1500 Kronebusch Altura, MN. 1700, 1500 Reuben Miller, Cashton. 1650 Jersey cross, Zimmerman, Thorp. 1500 Sam Hershberger, Cashton. 1500 Reuben Hershberger, Westby. Better springing heifers 900-1200. Extreme top 1350. Cull cows mostly .32-.43. Top .51. Choice Holstein steers up to .86.