Well we made it through our first year in biz! We sold way more cattle than we ever expected, but we sold a lot for less than we ever imagined possible a year ago. Surely the bad news is all in by now and the market starts heading up again. (I hope!) So far we had excellent buyer support to keep this a very competitive market. Also, many consignors that really want our auction to prosper. Thank you! (Don’t forget we DO have lower selling cost than most around here.) Be sure to mark your calendar to be here on the 27th, as we are expecting many top dairy cows. Not sure what we’ll have for eats, but I’m sure it’ll good & lots of it!! Yes, we do keep getting excellent quality cows! Top cows this week, $2,000, $1,900, $1,700, $1,700, $1,500, Hubert Miller, Abbotsford. $1,700, $1,500, Sam Hershberger, Cashton. $1,600, Emma Miller, Chili. $1,450 Philip Showalter, Greenwood. Springing heifers mostly $750-1,100, top $1,275