Its all in how you word it. Imagine the uproar if they enacted a 2 billion dollar tax mostly on the poor and thee ignorant. Call it the lottery and even supposedly upright and anti-tax individuals foolishly participate in a self tax. Corn and bean yields are varying a lot but many good numbers coming in. Several consignments of excellent quality dairy cattle selling in the next couple weeks! Top cows still selling mostly from $ 1400- $1700, few higher. Many good cows $750-$1250. Extreme top springing hfr $1400, but most are $750- $1050. Open hfrs $.50-$.80/lb. Severe discounts on blemished & mismanaged cattle. Choice Hol strs .82-.86. A few highlights from the Special AaA Auction on October 25: Supreme Quality Dairy Cows sold for $2100, 1950, 1650, 1500 from Norman Z. Martin; $1800 Leonard Ray Zimmerman; $1700 Lamar Weaver; $1600 Melvin Zimmerman; $1600, 1500, Matt Hartwig.