Thanks again to all buyers and sellers who choose to do business with us!! We appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe! Don’t know if I mentioned this before or not but 100% of our office and barn staff are current or former dairy farmers. People with respect for your cattle and respect for you. we will now have hay and dairy sale EVERY Thursday followed by cull cows, market cattle and bulls. Sold 11 lots varying quality hay. Gras hay from $32.50 – 55 and good quality alfalfa up to $80. Nice top cows $1,400, $1,400 Pete Palmer, Greenwood. Still very challenging market with good cows selling from $700 to $1,100.Top Springing heifers to $1,250 but mostly $750 to $1,050. Market cows up to $.57. We are now selling market cows after the dairy sale, VERY COMPETITIVE MARKET!!! Hope to see you next week!