Sold 12 lots varying quality grass hay $30-$55 per bale. Nice top cows $1,400 Robert Lang, Marathon, $1,400 Amos Yoder, Abbotsford. Still a very challenging market with many good dairy cows selling $ 700 to $1,100. Top Springing hfrs to $1,200, but mostly $750 to $1,050. We had our first market cattle sale, 104 cull cows sold mostly $.42-.55. One of our main heifer buyers, Linus (Bumper) Kuennen, 68, was killed in a tractor rollover Aug 16th while brush hogging on his farm. Another reminder to us that the call of death is so sudden, solemn, and final. 3 things that came to mind when thinking about Bumper, he always paid on time and in full, he used some words that should never cross Christian lips, and almost without fail he signed off our phone calls with a cheery, “Lord Willing, I’ll see you sale day.”